• Standard spray booth with fully electrical accessories

  • Atypical spray booth for the aerospace industry

  • Innovative technology using infrared heaters

Machine trade

We provide comprehensive supplies and individual solutions in the sale of industrial spraying and painting equipment, washing equipment, EDM machines, CNC machines. With the help of our own resources, we manage the entire process from individual demand based on specific requirements, solution design, delivery of equipment or machines, installation, to training and warranty and post-warranty service. All supplied machines and equipment are from well proven manufacturers, stable construction, using the latest technological solutions.

Spraying and painting equipment

Spraying and painting equipment

Flexible options for meeting specific customer requirements in standardized and non-standardized designs.

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EDM machines

Technologically suitable for serial operation and speed cutting ensuring high quality of the final product.

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CNC machines

Technologically advanced, high-precision machining centers and lathes suitable for custom and series production.

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Industrial washing

Industrial washing equipment

Professional technology enabling standardized and atypical designs, including full automation of the technological process.

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