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Since 1995 we anually take part in world international fairs in our field.

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MSV 2012 – Brno 

New type of slitting cold saw was introduced at annual Engineering Fair Brno. The saw is designed to cut open profiles. Section of the stand was designated for laser welding specialists Matex PM company.

MSV 2011 – Brno 

MSV 2010 – Brno 

Taking part in this year's MSV Brno Fair brought some interesting contacts. 2 contracts for tube mills were signed directly at the Fair to the total value of 6 mil. Kc.

MSV 2009 – Brno 

IMT 2008 – Brno 

MSV 2007 – Brno 
As every year since 1995 our company took part in the MSV Brno. Our exhibit was a butt welding device for extension of the strip at the entrance into a mill, NPA 320 x 3.
The machine was sold there and then and further 4 were ordered by a German automotive company DURA.
One must mention the fact, that our participation in this fair is more or less just an obligation with little business justification now, since in the field of longitudinally welded profiles and tubes there are fewer and fewer potential Czech customers. That is why the TUBE fairs, both in Düsseldorf and Moscow (in future in other parts of the Globe) are becoming so important to us.

IMT 2006 – Brno 

MSV 2005 - Brno
As any other year, we had exhibited at the MSV Fair Brno, this time with our new design of the exhibition stand. The visitors could watch the latest types of newly installed tube mills on a wide, large size flat screen television. We were also exhibiting a new type of a decoiler, AOZ 80 and a forming stand A6 in RVS configuration.

IMT 2004 – Brno 

MSV 2003 – Brno 

IMT 2002 - Brno
The company is now fully focused on design and production of tube and profile mills, specializing in flying cut off. At the International Trade Show IMT Brno 2002, the exhibit ALDA 32x1.8-160 wins the Gold Medal. For the first time the company presents ALDA fully computerized, which stirred a lot of enthusiastic interest and shows a great promise for the future. At the International Trade Show IMT Brno 2002, our company won the Gold Medal in category of forming machines for the exhibit ALDA 32x1.8-160.

MSV 2001 - Brno
Display of the full range of our products, from roll forming machines to a production mill for open and closed profiles.

IMT 2000 - Brno
The company is gradually focusing on design and production of tube and profile mills. For the first time closed profiles cut off machine marked SJ 76x3-80 is displayed as a part of the third commissioned tube production mill.

MSV Brno 1995-1999
Display of a production mill for open profiles. Shown is the first generation of roll forming machines. In the year 1995 the first tube and profile mill has been commissioned at Kosice.

Tube 2012 - Düsseldorf

Tube 2010 - Düsseldorf

This year’s TUBE Düsseldorf introduced our company to new potential customers mainly from Poland and Russian federation. The booth was visited by 85 interested parties. The expected resulting business will be about 8 – 12 mil. Kc.

Tube 2008 - Düsseldorf
    TUBE DÜSSELDORF 2008 has been almost pivotal for us. We have established a relationship with the World leader in HF welding, Thermatool Ltd.. As of this year our mills for longitudinally HF welded tubes will be equipped exclusively with Thermatool HF welders. This is particularly helpful for our customers from abroad, where Thermatool service is already well established.
The second interesting connection has been made with and Indian company, ITL Ltd. to whom we sold licenses for our technologies.
Our stand featured the new coil end welder NPA 320x4. The main advantages of the design are:
    • Perfect setting of the strip edges by the machine, significantly contributing to a high quality weld
    • When not in use, the machine is out of the way of the moving strip
    • Its own rail and cart, pneumatic in and out of the work position motion
    • Fast operation and flat weld
    • Automatic setting of the beginning and the end of the welding operation
The concept has met with great interest and we are dealing with many enquiries. Five machines have already been sold.

Tube 2006 - Düsseldorf
TUBE 2006 was an opportunity to show off new concept of our exhibition stand. Judging by interest generated, it was a success. More than 100 representatives of companies involved in profile production visited our stand with meaningful enquires. This is many times more than in the past. We showed working model of a flying cutoff head SJ 32x1,8 and several roll stands.
Also, for the first time, we had a comprehensive catalogue of our products to offer. The catalogue presented the history and philosophy of the company, the range of our complete tube mills and the individual sections and machines which can be ordered separately to upgrade existing production lines.

Tube 2004 - Düsseldorf
The company presents products at the specialised trade show Tube Düsseldorf once more. Exhibition of ALDA 76x3,6-140 on the fly tube cutting machine, cutting tubes into service lengths.

Video from TUBE 2004

Tube 2002 - Düsseldorf
For the first time the company takes part at the specialised trade show Tube Düsseldorf 2002 by presenting ALDA 76x3.5-80. The original design is clearly ahead of its European competitors. The 30 m2 display was very popular and the exhibit ALDA for shear cutting rectangular profiles and tubes created great interest among customers and specialists alike. Altogether 250 contacts from all around the world were generated. Included among them were visitors from South America, India, Canada, Korea and other countries. Trade agreement was signed, granting exclusive marketing rights for Europe.

Tube Russia 2009 - Moscow

Tube Russia 2008 - Moscow

Tube Russia 2007 - Moscow
In response to more and more enquiries from Eastern Europe our company has decided to take part in the annual TUBE Russia fair in Moscow.
Since this fair is accessible for us only by air, we decided to make use of the organizer’s offer and lease from them a basic stand size of 12m² and not show any physical exhibit.
In spite of that, we can confidently say the effort was worth it. We have established good business contacts with several companies which may well become our customers. Positive effect was no doubt strengthened by our Catalogue in Russian.
Evaluating the results of our participation in the fair it became apparent that our approach of offering machines with the traditional Czech attention to detail, high technical standard and quality of realization is the right way to enter East European markets.
We are going to take part in this exhibition also this year and we may become regular exhibitors in the coming years.

Leipzig 2009

Yekaterinburg 2009

Conference TUBE - Prague 2006

Hannover 2002 |
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